Garden Maintenance
in Remuera

Welcome to McKenzie Gardening

We are a family-owned business offering high-quality, comprehensive garden maintenance services throughout Remuera.
So if you require gardening services for your Remuera property, you know who to get in touch with. We know the soil like it’s from our own backyard - because it is. Our creative, modern services offer exceptional value for money and will help you transform an everyday garden into a beautiful outdoor space.

About Us

I started my own gardening business in 1991. I had just completed a Cadetship in Pip and Stone Fruit and Diploma of Horticultural Management from Lincoln University. During this time, Alexandra was completing a Business Management Degree here in Auckland while working full-time in a family-owned manufacturing and export business.Now married, we own McKenzie Gardening together. Alexandra and I both grew up in Remuera and now specialise in the suburb we know best. You might have seen us around, driving our iconic red utes with their green trailer and our cavalier spaniel, Banjo, riding in the back.

Garden Maintenance Services

What We Do

We offer a range of garden care and garden maintenance services for your Remuera garden. Everything we do is about ensuring that your home’s outdoor space remains a pristine, verdant Eden where you can put your feet up and relax.

Our services include:


We are partnered with qualified landscape designer Jo Hazard to offer you exceptional layout and design services for your garden. After all, no two properties are exactly the same, which is why both our team and Jo are committed to working closely with you to make the most of your unique space.

Jo is an Auckland-based designer who is passionate about plants and using them to create beautiful, classical gardens. She is highly experienced in creating outstandingly functional and aesthetically stunning gardens throughout Remuera.

She understands how important it is to create a garden design that reflects your needs, tastes and exceeds all expectations. Once she’s created a fantastic design for your outdoor space, the McKenzie Gardening team will work collaboratively with her to seamlessly bring it to life.


Does your garden bed need to be prepared? Our experienced gardening team can take care of all the work for you. We can use high-quality compost and fertilisers to create lush, fertile soil ready to help your plants grow to their best. After all, the right nutrients are essential to help your garden thrive, and few gardening companies know Remuera’s soil as well as we do.

Sometimes it takes more than just lush foliage to complete a garden. If you need irrigation or lighting installations completed, our team can take care of them. We will take your space, your needs and your existing structures into careful consideration to create a garden that sings as a harmonious whole.

Whether you have an existing garden that simply needs a refresh or would like to start from an entirely clean slate, the McKenzie Gardening team is here for you. We will leave no stone unturned in our mission to go above and beyond your expectations.


Whether you are the Body Corporate of a large residential complex or have a small, private residential garden, we can help design and implement the right garden maintenance programme for your property. Simply reach out to our Remuera-based gardening team to discuss your needs. We’ll help you sit back, put your feet up and enjoy the results - without having to get your hands dirty.

Your garden is a complex space with a diverse array of maintenance needs. But fear not - the McKenzie Gardening team is here to take care of all of them. So whether you want your hedges shaped and styled, your plants sprayed for protection, or garden waste removed, just turn to us. Our comprehensive garden care and maintenance services will keep your outdoor space healthy and beautiful.


We offer various supplementary services to keep your property cared for. That includes our unique Remuera Rodent Removal offering. We can set, monitor and maintain bait traps and remove any rats unfortunate enough to find their way into them. Now that’s one way to beat the rat race in Remuera.

In addition to keeping unwanted pests away from your home and garden, we can take care of your paths and walkways, too. After all, the non-living portions of your backyard are also a vital part of its landscape and design.

That’s why we can help water blast paths, patios and decks to create a beautiful, unified outdoor space. At a loss for dealing with moss? The McKenzie Gardening team can apply ‘Wet n Forget’ moss remover to leave your garden looking as good as new.

From Our Portfolio

Our Garden Maintenance Services

We can tailor our services to meet your property’s needs and specifications. We are dedicated to going above and beyond your expectations on every job we do. So whether you require regular, scheduled visits as part of a comprehensive garden maintenance programme or a simple one-off job, you can turn to our team.

No matter the size of your garden or the scale of the work that you need done, we’ll do it with a smile. We will also make sure to clean up after ourselves and leave your garden area beautifully tidy once our work is finished.

So let our team help you free up your evenings and weekends. The only time you’ll need to be in the garden is to enjoy it once we’re finished making it look better than ever.

Our garden maintenance services include the following:

  • Trimming of hedges, shrubs and bushes
  • Climber and palm maintenance
  • Fertilising and mulching
  • Seasonal pruning
  • Leaf and moss control
  • Garden waste removal
  • And much, much more

Don’t see the service you need done listed above? Not to worry. Simply give us a call at 09 522 5424 or send us an email at admin@mckenziegardening.co.nz for any enquiries or to book any of our garden care and maintenance services.

The McKenzie Gardening team looks forward to hearing from you. We cannot wait to turn your Remuera garden into a beautiful outdoor space where you can relax year-round.