Hedge Trimming

Hedge Trimming in Remuera

Like the rest of your garden, your hedges require regular attention and care to be able to grow their best. Therefore, we recommend trimming them at least three times a year to maintain their appearance and the plant’s health. And if you’re looking for comprehensive, attentive, efficient hedge trimming services in Remuera, look no further than McKenzie Gardening.

Why Choose Us?

Keeping your hedges neatly trimmed is an essential part of maintaining your garden’s landscape. However, while this might seem like a routine task, it can be dangerous if not conducted by an experienced professional with adequate equipment.

For example, you may need to climb a ladder to reach the highest branches of a tall hedge. But doing so while wielding a heavy power tool can be hazardous for someone inexperienced and without adequate training and knowledge of safety procedures.

Here at McKenzie Gardening, our team is highly experienced in looking after gardens throughout Remuera. We have the skills, know-how and high-quality equipment necessary to tackle even the most challenging hedge and turn an unruly mess of branches and leaves into a beautifully shaped natural ornament.

A worker from a hedge trimming service shaping a hedge

We will do more than simply apply generic procedures to your garden. Offering you excellent service is our utmost priority, and that is why we will always consider your unique vision for your space, lifestyle, and home’s aesthetics.

No two hedges are exactly the same, either. We know that hedge trimming must also be customised to an individual plant’s needs, size, and age.

Whether you require entirely new designs, for instance, for a complete revamp of your garden or a new build, or routine maintenance, you can trust us to get the job done right. And our work does not end when we turn our tools off. We make sure to always clean up after ourselves and leave your garden looking beautifully clean once we’re finished.

Hedge Maintenance

Regularly trimming your hedges is essential for keeping your hedges looking their best and growing at their healthiest. In addition, you’ll let them grow better without causing them to look overgrown.

How does hedge trimming help them grow? One reason is due to better access to light. Like other green plants, hedges grow by using chlorophyll to convert sunlight into food. This means that if they grow too densely, you may need to thin them out so that light can access more of the plant and help it grow more uniformly.

They’ll help keep your outdoor space look tidier and better maintained, leaving your place the envy of your neighbours and boosting its curbside appeal and value. That means scheduling hedge maintenance before renting out your property or putting it up for sale is an excellent idea.

Trimming your hedges also offers a range of additional benefits, including the following:

  • Improving the structure and stability of your hedges
  • Customising your hedges to a shape that matches your home’s style
  • Removing dying limbs, thus keeping your family safer in storms
  • Keeping unwanted growth away from your home’s walls or guttering
  • Removing sharp, unpleasant branches which may poke you or your children.

What Hedging Can Offer Your Property

Many homeowners are surprised to learn just what hedges can offer your home and garden. Far from being forgettable accents or a simple substitute for a fence, they provide a comprehensive range of economic, environmental and aesthetic benefits.

These include the following:

Defining Your Outdoor Space

Taller hedges are an excellent option for naturally marking your property’s boundaries. They are much softer on the eyes than a fence and, as they can be shaped in a wide variety of styles, will compliment nearly any home’s design.

You could also use smaller or shorter hedges to line flower beds, paths and add beautiful new stylistic elements to your home. Whether an accessory or major feature in and of themselves, they’re a fantastic choice for transforming your garden.

Natural Sound Barriers

As Auckland continues to grow, the amount of noise you and your family are exposed to will also rise. In a busy suburb like Remuera, that makes effective soundproofing around your property vital.

Hedges help block noise from outside your home, which will help make it a more tranquil oasis where you can rest, away from the hustle and bustle of life. Over time, excess noise can lead to damaged hearing and negatively impair your sleep, focus, and childrens’ development.

Hedges are thus a fantastic solution for making your home a quieter space without the aesthetic intrusion of artificial soundproofing materials.

Make A Healthier Home

It isn’t just noise a hedge can get under control. Your hedges can even absorb air pollution, replacing it with fresh new oxygen. That will make your garden a safer, healthier and more appealing space to spend time in.

Plus, that means that your home will be a better place for your children and pets. You’ll create your own little Nirvana right near the very heart of Auckland while knowing that you’re playing your part in protecting our valuable environment.

Exceptional Privacy

Hedges will help keep your home safe from unwanted prying eyes while simultaneously hiding unpleasant views such as rubbish bins or washing lines. They’re an excellent addition of greenery to even a semi-urban space.

Make your home a place where you can relax in peace with beautiful hedges. They will also help you transform your garden into an intimate outdoor space where you can sunbathe and your children can play unbothered.

Creating A Safer Space

As they separate your property from the road, hedges are a particularly beneficial feature for homes with young children. They will keep toddlers away from the danger of the street, stopping them from simply rushing out right into the path of oncoming traffic.

Hedges are also more challenging to scale than a fence, making them an effective deterrent against burglars. In addition, they function as natural wind blocks, protecting your home from the potential devastation of Auckland’s worst storms.

If your unruly hedges look like they need tidying up, just give the McKenzie Gardening team a call at 022 634 9708 or email admin@mckenziegardening.co.nz. We can help create a maintenance plan tailored to your requirements or schedule a single, one-off hedge trimming service if you’d prefer.

Whatever your needs, our experienced, friendly, professional team will get your hedges looking neat and tidy once again.