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Your Local Landscape Designer

Here at McKenzie Gardening, we’re proud to partner with Jo Hazard, a qualified landscape designer with extensive experience crafting beautiful outdoor spaces for Remuera’s homes.

Jo offers comprehensive services, including:

  • First Consultations
  • Full Working Drawings
  • Detailed Plant Knowledge
  • Project Management

Once construction begins, our team works collaboratively with Jo to ensure that your dream design is seamlessly transformed into a thrilling reality. Together, we will help create incredible outdoor spaces that you are sure to delight in and enjoy.

So whether you require a designer’s attentive eye for a simple rearrangement of your flowerbed or a total transformation of your backyard, simply reach out to McKenzie Gardening and Jo Hazard.

About Jo

Jo loves combining exciting shapes and complex textures to achieve exceptional results for homes across Remuera. In addition, she brings her extensive knowledge of all things plants to every design she creates.

After all, a landscape designer’s work is more than just the art of rearranging your backyard furniture. It involves the careful intermingling of botanical knowledge with extensive design knowledge, and that is where Jo excels. She is an expert in combining healthy plants with carefully selected shapes, colours and textures to create aesthetically stunning garden spaces.

Landscape Design Remuera

Landscape Design in Remuera

While no two gardens are exactly the same, our landscape design services will usually consist of the following process:

Initial Consultation

Jo will meet with you on-site, for free, and take the time to understand your space, tastes and vision for your garden. After all, the most essential thing about landscape design is making sure that it reflects your home’s aesthetic and your lifestyle.

The design process is a collaborative one, in which your desires and ideas get to come together with the skill and flair a designer brings to the process. Once the discussion has been complete and a brief is agreed upon, Jo will put together your agreement and send it to you.

Concept Plan

After you have signed your agreement, Jo will conduct a site visit to measure and photograph your outdoor space. We encourage you to let your imagination run wild, discuss all the ideas you might have with Jo and think outside the square.

You’ll get to talk about all options that align with your space and put together a design that is utterly and uniquely for your garden.

Jo will also produce sketches, a detailed plan and a plant palette so that you will be able to visualise exactly how your space will look after work is complete.

Site and Planting Plan

Once the concept plan is complete, Jo will be able to start producing working designs. These will make concrete the final details for your new landscape and be the basis for any construction work.

A landscape designer working on a detailed sketch

Project Management

The team here at McKenzie Gardening will work closely with Jo to manage all planting and installation during the actual landscaping work. Jo will carefully manage the process to ensure that the results reflect the design you agreed upon. All you will have to do is sit back, relax and wait until you can enjoy your property’s beautiful new outdoor space.

Further Maintenance

Once the construction of your stunning new garden is complete, you’ll be able to use your space exactly how you planned it. So whether you want a backyard space the kids will be able to run around it, a charming oasis away from the hustle and bustle of the big city, or a chic yet cozy space to entertain, you are sure to receive results to delight and inspire.

It is essential that you put a regular maintenance plan in place so that your outdoor space remains a constant pleasure to be in. While you can certainly perform some aspects of garden maintenance yourself, we highly recommend that you turn to our expert team to handle the work for you.

The McKenzie Gardening team has extensive experience caring for gardens of every size and layout throughout Remuera. We have a detailed understanding of the area’s soil and climate and know precisely what to do to keep your garden flourishing. Once the landscape designer’s work is complete, we can help devise a regular maintenance plan customised entirely to your garden and budget.

That way, your garden is sure to remain a place that you’re always happy to come home to.

Transform Your Outdoors

We know that every client has a unique vision for their garden, which is where bespoke landscape design comes into play.

A professional designer plays a vital role in developing your outdoor space. What a landscape designer does for your garden is, in fact, no less comparable than what an interior designer does for your indoors or what an architect does for your home as a whole.

Proper landscape design can completely transform an outdoor space. So if you fear that your garden is too small, too oddly shaped or too sparse to work with, worry no longer. With our team’s rich gardening knowledge and Jo Hazard’s exceptional eye for design, we can turn any garden into a picture-perfect vista.

What We Can Offer You

Whether you want something classic and traditional for a historic Remuera villa or a modern, industrial-chic space for an architecturally designed new build, we can bring it to life.

Asian-inspired Japanese garden, manicured European hedges or New Zealand native bush? Here at McKenzie Gardening, we can turn dream design into an inspiring reality.

The possibilities for transforming your outdoor space are limitless. We respect the uniqueness of every vision, just like the rich nature of Remuera’s natural spaces. That’s why we believe that landscape design is more than just ticking boxes off a list. It’s about working collaboratively with you and our landscape designer to create a place that you are proud to call home.

So whether you want to refresh a tired garden whose style is growing out of date or want to transform an entirely new one, just turn to us. Where others see problems, we see opportunities. We’ll bring bespoke design and practical solutions to craft an outdoor sanctuary that’s all your own.

If you would like to learn more about what the McKenzie Gardening team can do for your property or schedule an appointment with us, please contact us at 022 634 9708 or email today.